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Public opinion polls for historians

What's in this guide

This guide to public opinion polls is for researchers who do not need actual data for analysis, but are just looking for questions and answers. If you are looking for downloadable data sets that can be manipulated with statistical software (such as SPSS, SAS or Stata), please see the Public Opinion & Survey Data Guide and Data and Statistical Services for more help.

Major polling organizations

Gallup polls begin in 1935.

Harris polls begin in 1963.

Roper polls were initially conducted for Fortune Magazine in the late 1930's.


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2 volumes. Vol. 1 covers the U.S., vol. 2 covers the rest of the world. Despite the word "historical" in the title, the individual articles do not always answer basic questions like the date of the first public opinion poll in a given country.

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The three bibliographies below list books and articles on the methods of polling and survey research. There are abstracts for every entry and there is a good index. They are not a guide to actual polls and their results, but are useful for understanding the practice of public opinion polling and how it may affect the results.

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