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Guide to Entrepreneurship Resources

Getting Help

For a new business venture to be successful, you need more than just a great idea. You also need information. You need information about the habits of potential customers, what your competitors are doing, funding opportunities, and more. This guide provides links and information to help find this information.

Please note: Some of the Market and Industry Research resources are restricted for academic purposes only and cannot be used for commercial or business purposes such as the work done in the eLab. These pages also include a section of free resources without any restrictions. These are marked as 'eLab Friendly'.

Need help? Email Willow Dressel, or Bobbi Coffey, 

Idea Generation

Trade magazines, newspapers, and technical literature are excellent places to get ideas or help refine an existing idea.

Trade Literature
To find a specific magazine or journal such as Forbes or Popular Mechanics, search in the Library Catalog for the title of the magazine.


Technical Literature
Technical Literature includes journal articles, conference proceedings, and patents. The three databases listed below are multidisciplinary. Visit the Databases by Subject for more. Patents are also covered under the Intellectual Property page on this guide and in depth at Patents Libguide.

Library Books
The library has many books on specific products and product development in general. For example, see the following subject heading search for New Products.