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Elections and Voting Data Guide: United States (U.S.) and International

Data, statistics, media, and other resources on elections and voting, turnout, campaigns and nominations, electoral administration, and more, both in the United States and internationally.

Global Coverage of Results

Single or Multi-Country Results

Precinct / Below the Constituency Level Data

Finding voting results below the level of the electoral constituency/district (i.e., the level at which seats are distributed) can be very challenging. Each country reports at different levels of geographic aggregation. I have placed links to the lowest level I could find, which in all cases is below the constituency level. Emphasis is on parliamentary (specifically the lower house) elections.

European Election Database (This covers a higher geographic level, but allows comparison of elections in 35 countries over 20 years at NUTS levels 1-3 to facilitate comparison with Eurostat regional statistics.)

2011 and 2007 parliamentary (Folketing) elections by polling precinct (afstemningsområder) (click on British flag at top for English, then choose Elections on the left nav bar; each elections link is to a table for one of the 10 multimember constituencies (storkreds) where you can download a table of all the polling precincts in that nomination district (opstillingskreds) in various formats (.xls, .csv., .txt, etc.))

2005 parliamentary election (Folketing) by municipality (kommune) (in PDF; tables 75 and 77, starting on p. 96)

2001 parliamentary election (Folketing) election by precinct (afstemningsområder) (in PDF; tables 2 and 3 of the appendix, starting on p.325)

1998 parliamentary election (Folketing) by precinct (afstemningsområder) (in PDF; tables 2 and 3 of the appendix, starting on p.310)

1994 parliamentary election (Folketing) by precinct (afstemningsområder) (in PDF; tables 2 and 3 of the appendix, starting on p.288)

1990 parliamentary election by municipality (kommune) (in PDF; tables 73 and 75, starting on p. 86) (Google Translate version) hosts a variety of French elections—presidential, legislative (Assemblée nationale), municipal, cantonal, European—in Excel or .csv format for a variety of geographies—circonscription (constituency), région, département, commune (municipality), canton, and bureaux de vote (polling station)—generally 1990s-present, but legislative back to 1958.

1980, 1983, 1987, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002, 2005, 2009, 2013, and 2017 parliamentary elections (Bundestag) by polling precinct (wahlbezirke). Prior to 2002, Erststimme (first round votes) data only goes down as far as the municipality level (Gemeinden). 1980 only has data for Gemeinden (both first and second rounds, Erstimme and Zweitstimme), and 1987 has no Erststimme data at all. Data are delimited .txt files; Princeton users only. (Source: Ergebnisse der Bundestagswahl [YEAR] nach Wahlbezirken als CD [Results of the [YEAR] Bundestag elections by polling district on CD], from the German Federal Statistical Office.) Now available online, 1980–present, together with data by independent cities and districts (kreisfreien Städten und Landkreisen). For each election year, click on Ergebnisse, then Weitere Ergebnisse. The file is the first listed, Ergebnisse nach Wahlbezirken.

The Spanish Electoral Archive holds all the results recorded from General (1979–2019), Regional (1989–2021), Local/Municipal (1979–2019), and European Parliamentary (1987–2019) elections held in Spain since the restoration of democracy in the late '70s. Results are provided at the following levels in most cases: mesas (ballot boxes), secciones (Census sections), distritos (Local districts), municipios (municipalities), provincias (provinces), and CCAA (autonomous regions). Data are best downloaded in the original Microsoft Excel workbook format.


Electoral Systems, Turnout, and Context

Election Monitoring Organizations and Reports

Electoral Administration and Events

Voting in International Organizations