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Elections and Voting Data Guide: United States (U.S.) and International

Data, statistics, media, and other resources on elections and voting, turnout, campaigns and nominations, electoral administration, and more, both in the United States and internationally.

U.S. Presidential Elections

Because it's a secret ballot, vote returns by race/ethnicity, gender, or other demographics are only discoverable via survey. See my political survey guide for sources.

U.S. Congressional Elections

U.S. Statewide Elections—Gubernatorial

U.S. Statewide Elections—Other

U.S. Local and Municipal Elections

Precinct-level Data

Boundaries/GIS Data, Maps & Visualizations

For a good explanation of the difficulties and complexities involved in collecting, cleaning, and interpreting precinct boundaries, see Redistricting Data Hub's explanation.

Boundaries/GIS Data

Maps & Visualizations