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East Asian Library Electronic Resources: Korean Databases

List of electronic databases available through the East Asian Library

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Chosŏn Ilbo

Chosŏn Wangjo Sillok

DB of Korean Classics


DBPia is a full-text database of over two million articles from 2,000+ journals and periodicals published by academic and research institutes in South Korea. The database covers subjects such as business/economics, theology, education, sociology, theology, natural science, human science, linguistics, law/administration, etc. Licensed to Princeton University.


History Culture Series




Korean History & Culture Research Database

Korean History On-Line


KSI e-book

Kukhoe Chŏnja Tosŏgwan

Kyobo Scholar

Kyŏngsŏng Ilbo

This is a scanned version of the Keijō Nippō (Kyŏngsŏng Ilbo, also spelled Kungsung Ilbo), a Japanese language newspaper published in Korea during the Occupation Period. Current content is from 1907 to 1935. Access is by date only; results are in pdf format.


MBC Archive

     Licensed to Princeton University.
     Secure Remote Access (SRA) required for off-campus users


Naver News Library


New Nonmun

Northeast Asian History Network

RISS International

Sŭngjŏngwŏn Ilgi

Yŏnhaengnok ch’onggan chŭngbop’an

Subject Guide