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East Asian Library Electronic Resources: Additional Databases

Comprehensive listing and description of databases available through the East Asian Library

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About These Databases

Most of these are accessible through clicking on "Articles & Databases" on the main Princeton University Library web page.

Listings here include mainly those paid for by Princeton University, and accessible to Princeton users only. Other free sites are listed in the section "East Asian Studies". The Social Science Reference Center is for instance a necessary stop if you would need up-to-date economic or social data, also on East Asia.

Many databases require commands specific to the database searched, especially those on CD-ROMs. Look carefully at the screen, and realize that databases can differ in such ways as to whether a search for two words is treated as one phrase search or a combination of two keyword searches, and in many other ways. In many databases you can send the results in ProCite, EndNote, or text format to your own e-mail account.

Lexis-Nexis Academic

Comprehensive full text database of many major national and regional newspapers, as well as legal materials, company news and country profiles. Includes English-language newspapers, magazines, news agencies and other databases including some from East Asia (such as the Xinhua General News Service, China Daily , and the South China Morning Post). It is therefore very useful to search for recent people or events often unavailable in printed reference works (e.g., a recent death date).

Currently (2015) does not include East Asian Languages, but has English language material from the region. One can do a search, and then use the geography facet to limit to e.g. East Asia; or one can set a country (no region) limit first, by clicking on “browse” (very top line, after) “source directory,” then select sources, and perform a search by clicking on the “OK, continue” button.

Periodicals Archive Online

Dates of Coverage: 1770-1995.This database indexes periodicals in the humanities and social sciences in English, French, German and other Western languages. The long period covered makes this a unique database useful for early Sinology and Japanology. There is a subject Area Studies-Asia.

Chinese/Japanese Studies

When choosing "Databases" from the main library web page, you can select "Chinese Studies", "Japanese Studies", or "Korean Studies". In addition to "core" and "important resources", these lists also list "related resources" which have East Asian content.

Other useful databases are available from the general list of databases, or from their relevant subject pages, such as

Reference Tools

Finally, there are also on-line general reference tools available such as the ones listed below.  Some Princeton library departments have also provided Web Subject Guides which may be helpful to you.

Other WWW Pages

This is the CEAL (Council on East Asian Libraries) home page maintained by the joint efforts of many East Asian bibliographers. Some parts are more up-to-date than others. All these pages have many links to other Asian resources.

Subject Guide

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