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Stokes Viz Hub

The Stokes Visualization Hub is a space and service, that responds to the evolving digital research, data visualization, and qualitative analysis needs of the Princeton Students and Faculty, with a focus on SPIA and the related social sciences.

SVH Remote Access

Two of the Stokes Viz Hub computers could be accessed remotely. If you would like to use a software package that is available on the lab computers please follow the steps below.

Important note: Once you are done please make sure to "Log off" (see step 10 below). This will make the computer available to be reserved by another person.

Remote accessing Stokes Viz Hub computers
1) If off campus, be sure that you are connected to VPN.
2) Open a browser and go to the URL
3) Log in with your Princeton NetID and Password.
4) You should see a screen with the title "Choose Pool", if not click "Connect" toward the top of the screen.
5) Click on the appropriate pool - make sure to select Stokes Viz Hub.
6) Click on the button "Make My Reservation" to reserve a computer.
7) Click on "Connect To Remote Lab". This will download a "RemoteLabReservation.rdp" file with the appropriate settings to connect to the reserved computer.
8) Open the downloaded RDP file to initiate the connection.
9) Authenticate with your Princeton credential and DUO.
10) When finished "Log off" the RDP session by clicking on the start menu, clicking in the person icon and select "Sign out".  This will make the computer available to be reserved by another person.