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Stokes Viz Hub

The Stokes Visualization Hub is a space and service, that responds to the evolving digital research, data visualization, and qualitative analysis needs of the Princeton Students and Faculty, with a focus on SPIA and the related social sciences.

Stokes Viz Hub

The Stokes Visualization Hub is a space and service that supports the evolving digital research and information visualization needs of the Princeton University community.

Stokes library staff, in collaboration with experts from other departments, work to design and teach workshops focusing on data visualization, quantitative and qualitative data analysis and the digital research process. Data analysis consulting and support (both quantitative and qualitative) is also available.

The Stokes Viz Hub service is centralized in the E-classroom at Stokes Library. The computers and resources are available to students and faculty on a walk-in basis. Additionally, the Stokes Library E-classroom may be reserved for group instruction.