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Stokes Viz Hub

The Stokes Visualization Hub is a space and service, that responds to the evolving digital research, data visualization, and qualitative analysis needs of the Princeton Students and Faculty, with a focus on SPIA and the related social sciences.

Stokes Viz Hub Access and Hours

The e-classroom is open and could be reserved for classes or workshops. When not in use for a class, the space and computers are available for independent work. Two of the computers are reserved for remote access. Please check the "Remote Access" page for instructions. Workshops and consultations are held virtually.

Classroom Details



  • 9 Dell personal computers
  • 2 Apple Mac computers
  • Instructor's station (can be configured with additional specialized client software for demonstration purposes)
  • Data projector to project image from instructor's workstation
  • Projection screen
  • 1 HP LaserJet 5100dtn network printer
  • Whiteboard walls

Workstation and Instructor Station Software:

  • Statistical: STATA, RStudio, SPSS, SAS, MATLAB
  • Qualitative analysis: NVivo, QDAMinerLite
  • Other:  ArcGISPro, Oxygen XML, Python (Mac computers only), Zotero
  • Voyager client software
  • Standard Microsoft Office applications

This is a partial list. Contact  to check for other software or to request additional applications for training purposes.

Responsibilities of Trainers:

  • Turn on the computers and projection equipment (if required).
  • Log into computers with Library Web Computer login (login information is posted on each device).
  • Close all applications and log off all workstations at the end of each class.
  • Turn off projection equipment at the end of each class.
  • Return all chairs to their proper location at the computer tables and pick up garbage.
  • Erase the whiteboard walls
  • Leave lights on, door unlocked and open.

For special needs or problems in scheduling, contact the Stokes Library (258-5658)