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Stokes Viz Hub

The Stokes Visualization Hub is a space and service, that responds to the evolving digital research, data visualization, and qualitative analysis needs of the Princeton Students and Faculty, with a focus on SPIA and the related social sciences.

Classroom Details

The Computer Lab/Classroom is located in Room 070 of the Donald E. Stokes Library, on the lower level of Wallace Hall. It is for use by the Princeton University community, primarily for classes, orientations and workshops conducted by Princeton University Library staff, the School of Public and International Affairs, the Office of Population Research, and the Sociology Department. The classroom  and a small number of laptops are available for general use when not reserved for class sessions. If you would like to use a laptop and one is not available please contact the Stokes Library staff.

Classroom Details


  • 6 Apple Mac laptops
  • 4 Windows Dell laptops
  • Instructor's station* (can be configured with additional specialized client software for demonstration purposes)
  • Projector to project image from instructor's workstation
  • Projection screen
  • 1 HP LaserJet 5100dtn network printer (black and white)

Laptops and Instructor Station Software:

  • Statistical: Stata, RStudio, SPSS, SAS (on Dell only), MATLAB
  • Qualitative analysis: NVivo, MAXQDA, QDAMinerLite
  • Other: ArcGISPro, Tableau, Python (Mac computers only), Zotero, XML
  • Standard Microsoft Office applications

This is a partial list. Contact the Stokes Library staff to check for other software, or to request additional applications for training purposes.

Responsibilities of Trainers:

The Computer Lab/Classroom laptops are stored in a locked cabinet when not in use. If you would like students to use the laptops for a class or workshop, please inform the Stokes Library staff at least 24 hours in advance so necessary arrangements can be made. 

Once the session ends please turn off the projector and make sure all equipment has been returned to its original state. Please coordinate with Stokes Library staff to make sure the laptops are locked.

For any questions or assistance with the equipment or space, contact Stokes Library.