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Virtual Reality at PUL

Virtual reality (VR) is a realistic and immersive simulation of a virtual environment, experienced through interactive software and hardware. VR technology is available to the Princeton University community at the Stokes Library in Wallace Hall.



The Extend Reality service at Princeton University consults with faculty, staff, and students on applicable aligned virtual reality implementation. This includes course integrated programming, introduction to the technology, and interdisciplinary co-programming outside of the curriculum. Please see the following article for an example of validated programming. 


Borrowing and returning VR headsets is only allowed at Stokes library. Please do not borrow a VR headset and return to a different library location. Borrowing privileges and policies can be adjusted for curricular educational programming i.e., instructors may reserve a certain number of headsets for scheduled programming.

Please contact the Stokes Library for further clarification:

  • Oculus Quest 1:

    • The Oculus Quest 1 headsets have a one week borrowing period and can leave the Stokes Library.

  • Meta Quest 3:

    • The Meta Quest 3 headsets have a one week borrowing period and can leave the Stokes Library.

  • Pansonite VR:

    • The Pansonite VR goggles have a 24 hours borrowing period and can leave the Stokes Library. 


  • The hardware is available for free-play within the e-classroom and the Stokes VR Studio. 

  • Please be mindful of other users in the library. If the application is noisy we ask that this is limited to the designated spaces. 


  • TBA