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Amp Up Your Archives!

About Project STAND

Project STAND is a radical grassroots archival consortia project between colleges and universities around the country founded in 2017 by Lae’l Hughes-Watkins and Tamar Chute. STAND, which stands for student activism now documented, is a centralized digital space highlighting analog and digital collections of student activism. The consortia aims to foster ethical documentation of contemporary and past social justice movements in under-documented student populations, especially those from marginalized communities. We also advocate for collections by collaborating with educators to provide pedagogical support, create digital resources, hosts workshops, and forums for information professionals, academics, technologists, humanists, and anyone else interested in building communities with student organizers and their allies, leading to sustainable relationships, and inclusive physical and digital spaces of accountability, diversity, and equity. STAND has been the recipient of Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS) grants for the symposiums hosted in the past and other initiatives coming out of STAND.


Get Connected

Project STAND’s home on the web is Here you will find collections and data visualizations of student activism from universities and colleges across the country. In addition to the collections, recording of past symposiums featuring activists and archivists in conversation can be viewed, and other valuable resources. Please feel free to reach out to Valencia Johnson (, Princeton’s representative to Project STAND for more information.