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Amp Up Your Archives!

If you’re interested in preserving your personal Princeton experience, how to manage your organization’s materials, contributing to the university archives, and/or want to learn more about the archival and library professions, then Amp Up! is for you!

Your records, Your legacy

Do you want to improve your organizational skills? Is it getting harder to manage and preserve your research files? Then you have come to right place! 

Digital Archivist, Annalise Berdini and Project Archivist for Student Life, Valencia L. Johnson can help you get your digital material organized. As archivists we are trained to organize, preserve, and provide access to a variety of different files. We are now offering custom consultations to help with this process. If you are interested in a consultation, please fill out this form.

Some common topics we discuss: Using Google Drive/Team Drives, uploading large files into cloud storage, using external drives, handling access to your material, setting up a documentation process, and sharing records management tips. 

First Steps