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Amp Up Your Archives!

If you’re interested in preserving your personal Princeton experience, how to manage your organization’s materials, contributing to the university archives, and/or want to learn more about the archival and library professions, then Amp Up! is for you!

Archiving Student Activism Toolkit

Student Organization Records Management Toolkit

Tips on Preserving Your Student Organization’s History

  1. Document the activities of your group: keep minutes of meetings, save planning documents for projects and initiatives, take photographs of events,
  2. Label your documents and folders with full names, dates, and description of events or circumstances – one day future members will read what you leave behind,
  3. Development a straightforward filing system,
  4. Maintain a transition report between elections to help future officers,
  5. Keep your records in a centralized location that key people can access,
  6. One of the hardest things about leadership transitions is making sure everyone has access to important documents. If you create documents in Google Drive, many may lose access once you graduate. Make a point to transfer ownership of organization documents to the next elected person,
  7. Maintain a transition report between elections to help future officers,
  8. If you have physical documents, make sure to store them away from dampness, dust, direct sunlight, and excessive heat,
  9. Develop a routine of transferring inactive records to the University Archives at the end of the semester, year, or term of office.