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SAS 328/COM 352/ASA 328: South Asian American Literature and Film

Finding Books and Articles via the Catalog and Articles+

Using the PUL Catalog for Books:

Using PUL's Articles+ :

  • Articles+ saves you a lot of time by search several repositories for articles at once.
  • You will find a variety of content types including journal articles, newspaper articles, book chapters, book reviews, etc.
  • Use the same techniques above to find what you need for a given topic.

Multidisciplinary Academic Databases for Books and Articles

Subject-specific Databases, Archives, and Websites


Google Scholar

  • Check out Google Scholar to find articles and books that are in the public domain or from publishers who have allowed Google bots to access their metadata.
  • Learn how to search here.
  • You might find that your access to an item is restricted, unless Princeton has access to it.