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Medieval & early modern Europe

Printed books & pamphlets

Early English Books Online
Digital edition of books printed in England, Scotland, and Ireland, as well as works in English printed elsewhere. Based upon the Pollard and Redgrave Short Title Catalogue (1475-1640) and the Wing Short-Title Catalogue (1641-1700). [We also hold these collections in microform: 0930.922 (Pollard) and 0419.922 (Wing).]

Early European Books
Digital edition of books published in Europe before 1700. This first collection consists of books from the Royal Library, Copenhagen, and includes works in many European languages, including Latin, Danish, German, English, Icelandic, Swedish and Ancient Greek

Black death [microform] : sources concerning the European plague
Microfilm 09692
34 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms RC178.A1 B522
Rare printed sources from the Herzog August Bibliothek, Wolfenbuttel, ca. 1470-1822. Covers Germany, France, Italy, England, Switzerland and Central Europe. Includes treatises "giving suggestions, instructions and advice; short accounts of the particular sufferings of individual cities, towns or villages; recipes for treatments; notes on experiments; and historical recipes observations looking at the origins, causes and effects of The Plague." See

Witchcraft in Europe and America Archives Unbound

Witchcraft in Europe and America [microform]
RECAP Microfilm 05401
104 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms BF1566.R47
Reproduces books on witchcraft from the collections of Cornell University, the Lea Library at the University of Pennsylvania, and elsewhere. Good coverage of all aspects of witchcraft, including many trial accounts. Note: much of the material in English may also be found in the Archives Unbound collection, Early English Books Online and/or Eighteenth Century Collections Online.

French books before 1601 [microform]
Microfilm 10584
530 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms Z2162.F735
"... over 500 reels of fifteenth and sixteenth century books from printing centers such as Lyons and Paris, as well as unique works from lesser known presses. Drawn from the Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in France and of French Books Printed in Other Countries from 1470 to 1600 now in the British Museum." Reel guide at Fr_Reel20Guide_SerII_U1.pdf

French Books, 1601-1700
Microfilm 10585
225 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms Z2162 .F736
"This collection contains many of these books printed by the Imprimerie Royale (also known as the Typographia Regia, established in 1639-1640 for Louis XIII.) Other significant works in the collection include Racine's Athalie, printed in 1691 by Denys Thierry, many works by well-known writers and a wealth of fascinating lesser-known publications. This continuing series is based on V.F. Goldsmith's A Short-Title Catalog of French Books 1601-1700, supplemented by other seventeenth century French books." Reel guide at

Digital edition of books from the Bibliothèque Nationale; the intent was to create "une bibliothèque patrimoniale et encyclopédique." Covers the Middle Ages through the 19th century. Most material is in French. "Cette collection rassemble des éditions prestigieuses, dictionnaires et périodiques. Elle concerne de nombreuses disciplines telles l'histoire, la littérature, les sciences, la philosophie, le droit, l'économie ou les sciences politiques."

French Political Pamphlets, 1547-1648
Microfilm 01879
86 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms Z2177.5.L54
"French Political Pamphlets, 1547-1648 includes more than 7,000 titles written by authors representing a variety of social, political, religious and economic positions within French society."

Dutch Pamphlets ca. 1486-1648: Section I. The Collection in the Royal Library, The Hague
Microfiche 1533
2,096 fiche
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms Z2457.P3C373 1978
"Pamphlets dated between 1486 and 1853 from the Knuttel Collection, Royal Library, The Hague. Pamphlets range from political apologies and manifestoes to tracts for and against predestination in theology. Battles, sieges, treaties, riots and political assassinations form the subject matter of many pamphlets." We have only part 1, 1486-1648.

Flugschriften des fruhen 16. Jahrhunderts herausgeber
Microfiche 793
1,956 fiche
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms DD176.A2F55
Microfiche of approximately 5,000 pamphlets in German or Latin originally published 1501-1530. See for a title list.

Other collections

Arrets du Conseil (Inventaire) 1611-1710 [microform]
Microfilm 01073
20 reels
Printed guide: Firestone JN2341 .A53 1955
Microfilm reproduction of the 100-volume list of the decisions of the Conseil du Roi for 1611-1710, which was made in the 18th century. The material indexed is in the Archives Nationales, Série E, Conseil du Roi.

French Royal & Administrative Acts, 1256-1794 Archives Unbound
A collection of approximately 16,000 pamphlets held in the New York Public Library. "It offers a wealth of information on the legislative and administrative history of France, as well as other aspects of French life. Dealing with the financial and political administration of France proper from the late 13th century to the end of the monarchy, nearly three-quarters of the pamphlets here are concentrated in the 18th century; a considerable number are of earlier origin. Many of the early pamphlets are reprints of materials published by officials during the period of the monarchy as a reminder of the established rights or obligations of their constituency."