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High-Tech Entrepreneurship: ELE 491/EGR 491/ORF 491

Guide for ELE 491/EGR 491/ORF 491

Getting help

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment for a research consultation, please contact Willow Dressel, Engineering Librarian When setting up an appointment, please provide the following information about your research topic or question:

1. In a sentence or two, describe your research topic.

2. What materials (if any) have you collected so far?

3. Please give me an example of a relevant book, article or paper that you found so far or that was recommended by your advisor.

4. What library resources have you searched (if any)?

Getting what you need

If you find there are books you need that Princeton doesn't own, use the Borrow Direct service first, then, if not successful, go to Interlibrary Loan.
The Interlibrary Loan service can also supply copies of papers, articles, book chapters, reports or any other documents that we don't own at Princeton. Just log on to the service and place your request.