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The United States Economic Census: 1890

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The 1890 Census (publications were released from 1890 to 1895)

Eleventh Census :1890

Census reports Eleventh census: 1890, U.S. Census Office, Washington : Govt. print. off., 1892-97.

Contents:[v.1] Population. 2 v.--[v.2] Insane, feebleminded, deaf and dumb, and blind.--[v.3] Crime, pauperism, and benevolence: pt. 1. Analysis. pt. 2. General tables. 2 v.--.--[v.4] Vital and social statistics: pt. 1. Analysis and rate tables. pt. 2. Vital statistics; cities of 100,000 population and upward. pt. 3-4. Statistics of deaths. 4 v.--[v.5] Agriculture, etc.: Statistics of agriculture. Agriculture by irrigation in the western part of the United States. Statistics of fisheries. 3 v. in 1.--[v.6] Manufacturing industries: pt. 1, Totals for states and industries. pt. 2. Statistics of cities. pt. 3. Selected industries. 3 v.--[v.7] Mineral industries. --[v.8] Population and resources of Alaska.--[v.9] Statistics of churches.--[v.10] Indians taxed and Indians not taxed in the United States (except Alaska).--[v.11] Insurance business: pt.1.Fire, marine and inland insurance. pt.2. Life insurance. 2 v.--[v.12] Real estate mortgages.--[v.13] Farms and homes: Proprietorship and indebtedness.--[v.14] Transportation business: pt. 1. Transportation by land. pt. 2. Transportation by water. 2 v.--[v.15] Wealth, debt and taxation: pt. 1. Public debt. pt. 2. Valuation. 2 v.

HA201.1890 .A3q   v.1 - v.15   (DOCSC) Decennial Census - Firestone


Compendium of the eleventh census, 1890 / Department of the Interior, Census Office, Washington : G.P.O., [1892]-1897.

Pt. 1. Population; Dwellings and families; Statistics of Alaska -- Pt. 2. Vital and social statistics; Educational and church statistics; Wealth, debt, and taxation; Mineral industries; Insurance; Foreign born population, distribution by country of birth and citizenship; Manufactures -- Pt. 3. Population; Agriculture; Manufactures (totals for states and industries); Fisheries; Transportation; Wealth, debt, and taxation (valuation and taxation); Real estate mortgages; Farms and homes, proprietorship and indebtedness; Indians (taxed and not taxed).

HA201.1890 .A2q  v.1 -v.3    (DOCSC) Decennial Census - Firestone.


Abstract of the eleventh census, 1890 / U.S. Census Office, New York : Arno Press, 1976.

HA201.1890.C45.1976   Donald E. Stokes Library (SPR) Wallace Hall.


Report on manufacturing industries in the United States at the eleventh census, 1890: Textiles / Department of the Interior, Census Office, Washington, D.C. : G.P.O., 1894.

HD9724.A4 1890q    (DOCSC) Economic Census - Firestone