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The United States Economic Census: 1880

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King, Clarence, Statistics of the production of the precious metals in the United States, Washington, Gov’t Print. Off., 1881.

HD9506.U6 K5   Firestone (F)


Report on the silk manufacturing industry of the United States. Comp. by Wm. C. Wyckoff. U.S. Census Office, Washington, Govt. print. off., 1881.

Oversize HD9911.W97q    Firestone  (F)

Tenth Census: 1880

Census reports,  Tenth census. June 1, 1880, U.S. Census Office, Washington : Govt. print. off., 1883-1888.

Contents: [v. 1] Statistics of the population.--[v. 2] Manufactures.--[v. 3] Productions of agriculture.--[v. 4] Agencies of transportation.--[v. 5-6] Cotton production in the United States.--v. 7] Valuation, taxation, and public indebtedness.--[v. 8] The newspaper and periodical press. Alaska: its population, industries, and resources. The seal islands in Alaska. Ship-building industry in the United States.--[v. 9] Forests of North America. Portfolio of 16 maps.--[v. 10] Production, technology, and uses of petroleum and its products. The manufacture of coke Building stones of the United States, and statistics of the quarry industry for 1880.--[v. 11-12] Mortality and vital statistics. Portfolio of plates and diagrams.--[v. 13] Statistics and technology of the precious metals.--[v. 14] United States mining laws ... and state and territorial ... [and] local mining regulations.--[v. 15] Mining industries of the United States exclusive of the precious metals.--[v. 16-17] Statistics of power and machinery employed in manufactures.--[v. 18-19] Social statistics of cities.--[v. 20] Statistics of wages in manufacturing industries.--[v. 21] Defective, dependent, and delinquent classes of the of the population of the United States.--[v. 22] Power and machinery employed in manufactures.

HA201 1880 .A3q  v.1 - v.22  lack vol. 1, 18    (DOCSC) Decennial Census - Firestone

Compendium of the tenth census, 1880 / Department of the Interior, Census Office, Washington : G.P.O., 1883.

Pt. 1: Population; Agriculture -- Pt. 2: Manufactures; Power used in manufactures; Mining; Railroads, steam craft, canals, telegraphs, and telephones; Occupations; Fisheries; Foreign parentage; Areas, dwellings and families; Alaska; Life insurance; Fire and marine insurance; Valuation and taxation; Public indebtedness; Newpapers and periodicals; Public schools; Illiteracy; Defective, dependent and delinquent classes; Mortality.

HA201 1880 .A4  pt. 1 - pt. 2    (DOCSC) Decennial Census - Firestone