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The United States Economic Census: 1810 -1850

1810-1850 Decennial Census

Third Census: 1810

Coxe, Tench, A statement of the arts and manufactures of the United States of America, for the year 1810: digested and prepared by Tench Coxe, Philadelphia, Printed by A. Cornman, 1814.

 Fourth Census: 1820

Census for 1820. Published by authority of an act of Congress, under the direction of the secretary of state, U.S. Census Office, Washington, Printed by Gales & Seaton, 1821.

Oversize Oversize HA201.1820 .A3f   Rare Books (Ex)

Digest of accounts of manufacturing establishments in the United States, and of their manufactures /
made under direction of the Secretary of State, in pursuance of a resolution of Congress, of 30th March, 1822.


Fifth Census: 1830

No economic data was collected in the fifth census.

Sixth Census 1840

Statistics of the United States of America as collected and returned by the marshals of the several judicial districts under the thirteenth section of the Act for taking the sixth census: corrected at the Department of state, June 1,1840/published by authority of an act of Congress, under the direction of the Secretary of State.


Seventh Census: 1850

The Seventh census of the United States, 1850. Volume 1 : embracing a statistical view of each of the states and territories by counties, towns, etc. ... with an introduction ... and an appendix embracing notes upon the tables of each of the States, etc. / J.D.B. De Bow, Superintendent of United States Census, New York, N.Y. : Norman Ross, 1990.

HA201 1850 1990   (DOCSC) Decennial Census - Firestone

Abstract of the statistics of manufactures according to the returns of the seventh census /
condensed from the digest completed under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, in conformity with the first section of the act of June 12, 1858, by Jos. C.G. Kennedy, Superintendent
. 1 vol.