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Philosophy: Get the Full Text of a Journal Article

Philosophy Research Guide

Get the Full Text

Let's say you're looking for this article: Garcia, Humberto. "Blake, Swedenborg, and Muhammad: The Prophet Tradition, Revisited." Religion & Literature 44:2 (Summer 2012): 35-66.

1) First, You might try the Articles+ search from the Library website. Just enter the information about the article from the citation and click Search.


2) Often that works, but not this time. 

3) So we go back to the Articles+ tab on the library home page and click the Ejournals button.

4) From the E-Journals search page, search for your journal title.

5) If we have online access to the jouurnal, it will show up in the search. Click on the title.

6) Foiled again. We do have the journal online, but only through 2009, and we need 2012. So, click on "Check the Main Catalog for other versions including print."

7) And we do have it in print. The catalog record will give you the location within the library.

8) And if we don't subscribe to the journal at all, use INTERLIBRARY LOAN get a copy of the article you need.