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SPI 402d: Strengthening Democracy and Governance in Developing Countries

Finding Articles

Similar to finding books, searching for articles requires you to use keywords. There are several resources at PUL that can assist you in this process, including using Articles+ on the library's home page.

You can find Articles+ by going to the library's home page, and searching for the link under the search bar, between the links for "Catalog" and "Databases":

Once you click on the link, you can either start entering your keywords to search, or you can structure your search by clicking "Options"

This leads you to the advanced search feature, where you can enter your keywords, change the "All Fields" option to be more specific (such as a subject term or a publication title), and apply a variety of filters. For example, if you only wanted to see journal articles, you could simply find the "Content Type" box and check "Article" to only see articles. 

After you've developed your search, simply press search at the bottom of the screen to see your results. As an example, here's what a results screen looks like if I'm using "Philippines" as a keyword (under "All Fields") and "Democracy"  as a subject term (done by changing "All Fields" on the second line to "Subject Terms":

You now have a list of potential sources that you can look through! You can also see how many results you found by looking in the top left-hand corner of the list of results (this search had over 10,000). If you find that you've found too many results, you can further refine your search using the filters on the left-hand side of the window. You just need to check what you want to use--your search will update automatically.


Suggested Databases

If you are finding too many results or simply want to do a more targeted search, consider using a database focused on your topic. Some of our recommendations are listed below:

Geographic Specific Resources