Chinese Intellectual History

An Extended Bibliography

Chinese Intellectual History: An Extended Bibliography

Compiled by Yingtian He, May 2023


This bibliography is designed as a research guide for students and scholars working on Chinese intellectual history in the English-speaking world. In order to cover the multiple dimensions of a broadly defined intellectual history, this bibliography is structured into three main sections. “Ideas” focuses on the major texts and intellectual schools, as well as their philosophical significance and transitions over time. “Contexts” concerns the lifeworld of thought, which took place in the surrounding social, cultural, and political spheres of the day. “Embodiments” deals with the manifestation of thought in neighboring epistemic fields, such as science, art, and literature. Put together, this tripartite design aims at providing a panorama for the wide scope of intellectual history, which incorporates both philosophical complexity and historical specificity. To initiate potential dialogues among relevant sources, the reference list does not come alphabetically. Instead, classical texts and commentaries follow the traditional order of four-division classification; other works are arranged chronologically based on the subject of inquiry.