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URB 360 Research Guide : Statistics and Data

This guide is created as a research companion for URB 360 / RES 359: Trees, Toxics, Transitions: Urban Ecological Design and the Second World

International Urban Statistics

Finding statistics below the national level outside the United States is usually difficult and in some cases impossible. However, a few countries and regions provide extensive data from their statistical offices including subnational level data:

  • Canada's E-Stat
  • (click on IP Login)
  • Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States' Eastview UDB Statistics
  • China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CNKI) Large selection of statistical data published by the Chinese government including census data. Chinese-language version offers more up-to-date and reliable results; best to use the yearbook navigation mode.  Includes national, provincial, city, and many topical yearbooks.
  • China Data Online Comprehensive statistical and economic information of China in English.  The yearbook collection ends in 2011.  For 2012+, use the China Statistical Bureau Website  (must use in Internet Explorer).  Select geo-coded data is contained in the Geo-Explorer I component.
  • Global Insight includes regional data for China including a fair amount at the city level. 
  • Eurostat provides subnational statistics by province and/or city for many European Union members.

Some nations provide online versions of their most recent yearbooks.  Princeton also maintains a large collection in paper (Social Science Reference Center - next to Ready Reference) and microfiche.  For older editions consult the Main Catalog