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ECO 494 - Chinese Financial and Monetary Systems

Research guide for Economics 494 - Chinese Financial and Monetary Systems

Macroeconomics for China

China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CNKI) Large selection of statistical data published by the Chinese government including census data. Chinese-language version offers more up-to-date and reliable results; best to use the yearbook navigation mode.  Includes national, provincial, city, and many topical yearbooks. Also see

China Data Insights.  This is a new menu for the CNKI Chinese Statistical Yearbooks database that gives access to the data by indicators rather than by published yearbook.  Click “Sign in” to be recognized as a Princeton user by IP. 


Provides macroeconomic and financial time series data on China (including subnational). Contains a wide range of data on topics including national accounts, government and public finance, demographic and labor markets, inflation, foreign trade, foreign direct investment, financial markets, and data on a variety of industry sectors.

EPS China Statistics Consists of 79 statistical datasets covering China’s population census (1953-2020), micro-census (1995-2015),  Industrial / Economic census (1985-2018), agricultural census (1996-2016), macro economy, financial markets, industry, trade, resources, and social statistics. The database has a particularly strong focus on city and county statistics. It allows creation of charts and maps and simple analysis. Data can be individually selected and downloaded in various formats.

Many yearbooks can be found in the East Asian Library.  Also the China Statistical Bureau Website  (must use in Internet Explorer). 

Many international sources also provide useful coverage of Chinese macroeconomic conditions including:

World Development Indicators
Annual economic, social, educational, environmental and health data from many of the World Bank's major statistical publications. Provides data from 1960 to the present.  

Sage Data 
Wide variety of economic, social, environmental, and political indicators from many US government agencies as well as international bodies. Includes IMF's International Financial StatisticsDirection of Trade (1980+), Balance of Payments, and Government Finance Statistics

Global Financial Data
Data on bonds, commodities, interest rates, stock markets and indices, futures, exchange rates, GDP, prices, and unemployment. World exchange rates back to 1624, inflation rates back to 1748, and wholesale prices back to 1720. Major commodities going back to 1784. Some annual series go back to the 1200s. Methodology and sources are documented. The stock market indices go back to 1693. Also included are data on stock market capitalization, dividend yields, price/earnings ratios, total return performance indices, and Global Financial Data's World Stock Market Indices.

Datastream International
International economic indicators on a time series basis. Data is derived from national governments and banks, IMF, other international agencies, and the company's own researchers.
Location: Available on the workstations located near Firestone A-13-J & STOKES (part of Refinitiv Workspace). The modules for commodities, economics, equities, and futures are also available through WRDS.

Economist Intelligence Unit
International economic, social, and political data and forecasts on a time series basis. Data is derived from national governments, trade associations, BIS, IMF, IFC, OECD, the World Bank, and EIU's own researchers. Consists of EIU Country Data (international economic data and forecasts on a time series basis), EIU Market Indicators and Forecasts (social, economic, and political risk data), and EIU City Data (detailed cost comparisons of major international cities). Some of their other services offer overviews of various international industries, commercial regulations, risk briefings, and update services. Textual analysis and forecasts can be found in the EIU Country Profiles, Reports, and Forecasts1996+ or the Economist Intelligence Unit Country Reports Historical Archive 1952-1995.