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ECO 494 - Chinese Financial and Monetary Systems

Research guide for Economics 494 - Chinese Financial and Monetary Systems

Foreign direct investment and debt

Foreign Aid
Currently encompasses multilateral and bilateral donor foreign aid projects spanning the years 1947-2013. It contains information from traditional aid sources such as the OECD's Creditor Reporting System (CRS) as well as donors not captured by the CRS and activities that do not fit the OECD definition of Official Development Assistance (ODA). AidData augments existing data by publishing more complete project descriptions and more detailed aid project purpose codes. In particular, AidData is dedicated to collecting project-level data from all multilateral donors and non-DAC bilateral donors (NDBs) to provide a more complete picture of development finance flows and activities. This resource will allow donor organizations, citizens in donor countries, researchers, NGOs, recipient governments, and, ultimately, the beneficiaries on the ground in developing countries to gain a more detailed understanding of past and present trends in aid.  Also see the Development Data Library. For Chinese development finance activities in Africa, see  Also see Chinese Loans to Africa (Chinese Africa Research Initiative); China’s Public Diplomacy Dashboard DatasetChina’s Public Diplomacy in South and Central Asia; and How China Lends Dataset.

World Bank
International Debt Statistics
Annual 2009+ (former title is Global Development Finance; contained in World Development Indicators; but easy to visualize using the PDFs)

World Bank
World Development Report
Annual 1978+
Each issue focuses on several special topics relating to the state of the world economy. The annex, World Development Indicators, provides a wealth of current statistical information on the countries of the world.

World Bank
World Bank Finances.  Open Financial Data
The goal of this website is to make data related to the Bank's financials available to everybody in a social, interactive, visually compelling, and machine readable format. The data covers portions of the Bank's investments, assets it manages on behalf of global funds, and the Bank's own financial statements.

Foreign Direct Investment/Portfolio Investment   

CEIC.  Start with this source for China and India.  Thousands of detailed series.

Statistical Bulletin of China's Outward Foreign Direct Investment.  Comprehensive source for Chinese FDI. 2004, 2006-2011; (best if viewed in Internet Explorer); 2011-2017.  For earlier years you can get top partners through the China Statistical Yearbook.  Examples:

Much of the data from the Statistical Bulletin is also included in CEIC

Invest in China. Provides detailed data on FDI in China.  First half is in Mandarin; but 2nd half in English.  2011+

Statistics of FDI in China.  Very brief summaries of Chinese FDI. 2003+   Best if viewed in Internet Explorer.

China Global Investment Tracker.  Created by created by conservative think tanks, the American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation.  Tracks large Chinese investments and contracts worldwide (excluding bonds). Includes nearly 4000 large transactions across energy, transportation, technology, property and other sectors, as well as more than 300 troubled transactions.  

Foreign Direct Investment Database (part of UNCTADStat)
Statistics on foreign direct investment (FDI).  Presented in 2 separate products: an interactive database for the aggregate figures and an electronic publication with the detailed information by country. The FDI database presents aggregate inflows, outflows, inward stocks and outward stocks of foreign direct investment (FDI) for 196 reporting economies in an interactive format. Detailed statistics on foreign direct investment (FDI) and operations of transnational corporations (TNCs) in selected countries are available at the World Investment Directory. Some recent bilateral data is also available. Since UNCTAD purges the reports and many of the current ones have disappeared, the Internet Archive is a useful place to find reports.  For 1992-2004, see the print (UN) HG4538 .W67.    Particularly useful are the FDI Country Profiles.  Updates, forecasts, analysis of the data and other activities related to FDI are available at the FDI Statistics site of the Division on Investment, Enterprise, and Development. Data on transnational corporations and cross border mergers and acquisitions can also be found. Princeton has purchased a select set of very detailed data which includes bilateral country flows and FDI by industry covering 1970-2006. Library -- Crossborder Investment Monitor
Cross border foreign direct investment data by project and company.  Users are required to enter their email address, tick the box agreeing to the terms and conditions and then click 'Continue to fDi Markets'.  Also see Benchmarks the competitiveness of countries and cities in over 65 sectors. Covers the main quality and cost competitiveness indicators across more than 600 locations globally.  Also see fdi Benchmark - Global Investment Database which Includes costs for labor (Towers Watson) and commercial real estate (Cushman & Wakefield) as well as a foreign direct investment attractiveness index.

International Monetary Fund
Balance of Payments Statistics and International Investment Position
Annual. 1981-
Detailed balance of payments data for current account (goods and services), capital account, financial account (direct and portfolio investment), and reserves. World and regional tables are also presented. Includes a detailed section on methodology, compilation practices, and data sources.   For data prior to 1981 and back to 1938, see Balance of Payments Yearbook HF1014 .I61
For definitions, see Balance of payments and international investment position manual  and the BPM6 Compilation GuideData is also available  through Global Insight and Data-Planet Datasets

International Monetary Fund
Coordinated Direct Investment Survey
Annual. 2009-
Detailed bilateral direct investment data. Also included in Data-Planet Datasets.

International Monetary Fund
Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey
Annual. 1997-
Detailed bilateral portfolio investment data. Also included in Data-Planet Datasets.

World Bank
International Debt Statistics
Tracks the annual movement of international capital flows to developing countries.Through 2012 title was Global Development Finance.  Online is incorporated into World Development Indicators.

International Trade Centre
Investment Map
Focuses on data broken down by partner countries, economic activities and partner countries and economic activities crossed by each other. However, broken-down FDI data are not always available or take some time to be reported or collected. Data tends to be recent years only but often includes data by sector.