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Women Public Policy Collections at the Mudd Manuscript Library

This compilation of more than two-dozen collections documents the growing role of women in politics and economic development in the latter half of the 20th Century.

Searching the Collections

The most effective way to search the finding aid website for additional collections that relate to women's issues is to keep a few things in mind.

  • Try lots of different terms. “Rights" "human rights" will produce different results than “women, woman”. See Sample Topics to Search below. 
  • The more words you use in your search, the fewer results will come back to you. “Women's Rights” will produce fewer results than “women".
  • Using a minus sign (-) will exclude a term from results. If you’re interested in Ray Stannard Baker, but you keep getting results for James A. Baker III, a good search might be “Ray Baker -James”

Archival collections are organized by who collected the materials, not what the materials are about. You may be pleasantly surprised by searching outside of the collections that you think an item should be in.

Results in the “name,” “genre,” and “subject” facets can be thought of as tags — if an item has been tagged with any of the terms in the list, it will appear in the revised results. But some relevant results may not have been tagged — narrowing this way may result in missing good material!

Sample Topics to Search

Topics that relate to women: 

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