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Indigenous Studies

This guide points to library resources helpful for Indigenous studies

Searching for material on Indigenous peoples in the library catalog

In the library catalog, you may perform a Subject search for Indigenous people using one of the following terms:

  • Indigenous peoples—[Place]
  • Indians of North America—[Place]
  • Indians of South America—[Place]
  • [name of group]  (in North or South America, [name of group] Indians, e.g. Delaware Indians

(note: terms used in official Library of Congress Subject Headings may not reflect the the preferred terms used by Indigenous peoples—you may search for authorized terms and synonyms here: Library of Congress Subject Headings PDF Files (


Works may also be found with the subject headings "colonialism", [racial group, e.g., whites]—[place]—Relations with Indians" or "Relations with Indigenous peoples"


You may also do an Advanced Search.  Combine a subject search on the term "Indigenous Studies" and a keyword search for any other terms (e.g., epistemology).  This will pull together books that address epistemology in any Indigenous cultures.

In Articles+, scholarly articles may be searched using keywords like "Indigenous", "settler colonialism", "Native American", or "American Indian".



Subject Encyclopedias


Resources from other institutions