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Architecture and Artificial Intelligence

Material Tectonics Series. Image © Daniel Bolojan / Midjourney AI via ArchipaperMaterial Tectonics Series. Image © Daniel Bolojan / Midjourney AI via Archipaper

Princeton Research Guide on Generative AI

Welcome to the Architecture & AI research guide

Hello and welcome -- I created this research guide to assist with navigating, understanding, and analyzing the usage of AI in the field of architecture. In this guide you will find strategies and suggestions for the study of this topic, including lists of resources and publications that may be helpful to you. Use the tabs above to work you way through the various tools, resources, and virtual locations for your research.

Because the usage of AI in architecture is a new and rapidly evolving area of study, new resources (books, articles, conference papers, studies) are constantly being published. I will be regularly updating this guide and its contents. Check for new materials often, and get in touch with me if you have any questions.

Please contact me, Gabriella Karl-Johnson, with any questions or for assistance with your research!