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ARC 560A: Building and Embodied Carbon - Library Research Guide for Material Samples and Materials Research: Intro to the Materials Collection

A research guide highlighting samples of bio-based building materials from our Materials Collection

Architecture and Engineering Materials Collection

The Architecture and Engineering Materials Collection is a collection of physical material samples intended to provide inspiration, to inform design thinking, and to foster innovation in architecture and engineering. The samples are 1:1 scale samples of materials currently manufactured around the world and used in the construction or creation of actual physical structures, objects, and products.

Material samples collections have been held by professional practices for many years, and academic institutions have more recently begun holding samples collections as well. In the spring of 2017, Princeton University joined many of our institutional colleagues by providing a material samples collection for the use of our students and faculty. We welcome your feedback and thoughts on the collection!

The collection is currently on display in two locations: the Architecture Library and the Engineering Library, but don't let the word "display" give you pause: the samples are meant to be touched, hefted, inspected, and compared. Please come to the libraries and experience the samples in person!

Material ConneXion

Samples in the collection have been supplied by Material ConneXion, a global firm dedicated to providing innovative material solutions. Each sample is accompanied by a section in the Material ConneXion Database with information about properties, possible uses, and the manufacturer.

Materials and Design Resources

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