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Urban Studies Research Guide: Statistics and Data

International Urban Statistics

Finding statistics below the national level outside the United States is usually difficult and in some cases impossible. However, a few countries and regions provide extensive data from their statistical offices including subnational level data:

  • Canada's E-Stat
  • (click on IP Login)
  • Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States' Eastview UDB Statistics
  • China Statistical Yearbooks Database (CNKI) Large selection of statistical data published by the Chinese government including census data. Chinese-language version offers more up-to-date and reliable results; best to use the yearbook navigation mode.  Includes national, provincial, city, and many topical yearbooks.
  • China Data Online Comprehensive statistical and economic information of China in English.  The yearbook collection ends in 2011.  For 2012+, use the China Statistical Bureau Website  (must use in Internet Explorer).  Select geo-coded data is contained in the Geo-Explorer I component.
  • Global Insight includes regional data for China including a fair amount at the city level. 
  • Eurostat provides subnational statistics by province and/or city for many European Union members.

Some nations provide online versions of their most recent yearbooks.  Princeton also maintains a large collection in paper (Social Science Reference Center - next to Ready Reference) and microfiche.  For older editions consult the Main Catalog

United States Urban Statistics

The main source for modern metro level data for the United States is Global Insight.  The US Regional module includes forecasts. 

Complete Economic and Demographic Data Source (CEDDS) Washington, D.C. : Woods & Poole Economics
Provides regional, state, county, and metropolitan data including projections for 1969 to 2040. HC106.8.C65q (Current year in Firestone - Social Science Reference Center)

Urban Institute State Database Detailed data on the 50 states and the District of Columbia in areas including income security, health, child well-being, demographic, fiscal and political conditions, and social services.

The County and City Data Book 1944-  Published about every 5 years. Presents socioeconomic and demographic summary data for selected recent years for states, counties, cities, SMSAs, and other areas. Data are derived from the various censuses.  (Firestone - Data and Statistical Services)  HA202.U581  Current Volume in DSS 

State and Metropolitan Area Data Book. 1979-  Summary socioeconomic and demographic data for regions, census divisions, states, standard consolidated areas and SMSAs for selected years. Data are derived from censuses and various other Federal Government and private sources. ICPSR has 1982 and 1991.   (Firestone - Data and Statistical Services)  HA202.S75  Current Volume in DSS

County and City Extra: Annual metro, city and county data book. 1992- Annual publication providing up-to-date statistical information for states, counties, metropolitan areas and cities.  (Firestone - Data and Statistical Services) HA202.C675
Current Volume in DSS.  Also see County and City Extra: Special Historical Edition, 1790-2010.  (Firestone - Data and Statistical Services) HA214.C686 2015

State of the Cities Data Systems (Housing and Urban Development) Aggregates statistics from many sources and includes demographics, employment, business patterns, crime, building permits, housing affordability, and city finance.

Additional Resources

Other City Data Resources

Cities Ranked & Rated This E-Book covers US & Canadian city data for 2007. Chapters include Evaluating Cities, Finding and Your Best Place to Live.