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Urban Studies Research Methods Workshop - Economic & Political Data: Sub-national statistics

Economic and Political Data for Urban Studies Research

Sub-national statistics


Data-Planet Statistical Datasets Online Wide variety of economic, social, environmental, and political indicators from many US government agencies. 
Global Insight Online Main source for modern state and metro level economic data.  The US Regional module includes forecasts.
State Statistical Abstracts Online, Paper, and Microfiche See the link for titles.  Many recent ones are online.  Princeton has some in paper.  Check the Catalog under the title.  Many others are included in the SRI Microfiche collection.  Use Proquest Statistical Insight to determine inclusion and coverage.
Complete Economic and Demographic Data Source (CEDDS) Online and also available in paper.  HC106.8.C65q (Current year in DR) Woods & Poole Economics source provides regional, state, county, and metropolitan data including projections for 1969 to 2040.
State of the Cities Data Systems Online. Housing and Urban Development source that aggregates statistics from many sources and includes demographics, employment, business patterns, crime, building permits, housing affordability, and city finance.
U.S Census Bureau comparison guide Online. The U.S. Census Bureau provides a useful comparison of its sources by level of geography.


For additional sources for the USA, see the sub-national statistics tab of Basic Sources of United States Economic Statistics.   For sources outside the USA, see the subnational sources tab of Basic Sources of International Economic Statistics.

Global Insight Example

Data-Planet Example