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Toolkit for Teaching Research

(with a focus on remote teaching)


Teaching Toolkit for Librarians
NEW: Teaching Kudos to Librarians from faculty and students (add yours, starting Spring 2020)

This “Teaching Toolkit” is intended as a resource for our collaboration on all things teaching; since it’s still in the development phase, all menu choices are linked to the Teaching Research Team Drive and Docs. In addition to welcoming your lesson plans, etc via the google team drive, we would love your ideas for further projects to support and enhance teaching research at Princeton. Feel free to add your ideas to this doc.

Thanks in advance for your contributions to what we hope will become a valuable resource.

-The Teaching Research Steering Group

Upcoming "Community of Practice" Lunchtime Talks

Stay tuned for next Community of Practice announcement!

2020/21 Student E-resources Access

The e-resources team has assembled notes and reminders that will hopefully be useful during the fall semester:

  1. Students on leave:
    1. Students on leave retain remote access to library e-resources for 500 days (from their last date of enrollment in the University System).
  2. Extended access program --please see this page (PU only)
  3. Email if you:
    1. Encounter broken links in the catalog or Database List
    2. See an error message while attempting to access an e-resource
    3. Discover a discrepancy between catalog holdings information and vendor-site information
    4. Would like to add e-resources to the catalog
  4. Remote access to library e-resources:
    1. The GlobalProtect VPN does not work with library e-resources.
    2. The SonicWall VPN does work with library resources, and it is not being discontinued until January 31, 2021. Much more on this later, but SonicWall should be used during the fall semester.
    3. EZproxy access is also available for resources via links in the catalog and on the library’s website.
    4. Don’t forget about our Using the Library Off-Campus site, which was recently updated.
  5. International access:
    1. If a student’s location prevents them from accessing library resources, there is nothing the library or the vendor can do to remedy this. For example, if a student is in a country where the government restricts access to certain websites/information, we are unable to provide a workaround.
    2. We have contacted our larger vendors (e.g. JSTOR, ProQuest, etc.) to learn of any known issues with worldwide access, and so far, none have been reported.