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Systematic Review Service

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We highly recommend that you reach out to the library before you start a systematic review or meta-analysis. 

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Stages of a systematic review

  1. Gathering your team (Minimum of three)
  2. Define your research question and inclusion criteria.
  3. Write and register a research protocol. 
  4. Conduct and document an exhaustive, transparent, and reproducible search of the literature.
  5. Screening results in two phases: titles/abstracts, full texts. Screening is done independently by two reviewers, with a third as a tiebreaker.
  6. Managing & reporting all methods in a transparent and reproducible way.
  7. Synthesizing the evidence (appraising the evidence, interpreting results, performing a qualitative and/or quantitative/meta-analysis-optional)
  8. Drawing Conclusions, Writing & Publishing

Designed by Jessica Kaufman, Cochrane Consumers & Communication Review Group, Centre for Health Communication & Participation, La Trobe University, 2011. CC-BY-SA License

Where to register your protocol