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Systematic Review Service

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We highly recommend that you reach out to the library before you start a systematic review or meta-analysis! The librarians from our Systematic Review Service can guide you toward the appropriate methodologies and guidelines for your research question.




The Systematic Review Service exists to offer consultations to researchers seeking to produce a systematic review or meta-analysis. 

We offer two tiers of service, describe on the Tiers of Service page. 

We highly recommend that researchers considering systematic reviews or meta-analyses reach out to the library for a consultation before begining the research project. Our librarians can help you locate appropriate standards and guidelines, advise in the creation of a protocol, and advise your team of rigorous, reproducible methods for gathering studies. 

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Use the appointment button below to schedule a consultation with one of our systematic review service librarians. 

Our Team

 Meghan Testerman, Behavioral Sciences Librarian 

Subject expertise: Psychology, Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Cognitive Science

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 Kelee Pacion, Biology Librarian

Subject expertise: Biological & Life Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Health, Molecular Biology

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 Ameet Doshi, Head of Stokes Library

 Subject expertise: Policy, Public & International Affairs, and Education

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