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Systematic Review Service


The Systematic Review Service exists to offer consultations to researchers seeking to produce a systematic review or meta-analysis. 

We offer two tiers of service, describe on the Tiers of Service page. 

We highly recommend that researchers considering systematic reviews or meta-analyses reach out to the library for a consultation before begining the research project. Our librarians can help you locate appropriate standards and guidelines, advise in the creation of a protocol, and advise your team of rigorous, reproducible methods for gathering studies. 

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Use the appointment button below to schedule a consultation with one of our systematic review service librarians. 

Our Team

 Meghan Testerman, Behavioral Sciences Librarian 

Subject expertise: Psychology, Neuroscience, Neuroimaging, Cognitive Science

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 Kelee Pacion, Biology Librarian

Subject expertise: Biological & Life Sciences, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Health, Molecular Biology

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 Ameet Doshi, Head of Stokes Library

 Subject expertise: Policy, Public & International Affairs, and Education

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