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WRI 175: Living with AI: Bibliographies Made Simple!

This library research guide includes links to relevant primary sources and databases.


Get Started With Zotero

  1. Install Zotero (Zotero Standalone OR the Zotero extension for Firefox, Chrome or Safari)
  2. Install the word-processor plugin for your word processor (Word or Open Office)
  3. Configure your Citation Style to whichever style you want to use (e.g. Chicago, MLA, etc.)
  4. Configure the Library Lookup option
  5. To automatically grab PDFs when saving citations, go to Preferences and check "Automatically attach associated PDFs"
  6. Configure backups and/or synchronize your Zotero bibliographic data with another computer.

Zotero, Endnote, Refworks, etc

Bibliographic management tools  enable you to store library sources in your own personal database and then incorporate the citations seamlessly into your research paper in whatever format your writing seminar requires. Within these tools you can take also notes on the books and articles you find and search those notes by keyword.
Go to the bibliographic management page to find out more.