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Research Seminar-specific Guides Spring 2024

Getting started...

Library Catalog Subject Headings for Books

Explore any of these that are of interest. 

Remember to

Sort by date, if desired. 

Limit to "Online", if needed.

Combine with keywords or names of countries or key actors.

Check out the differences between clicking on Sources and clicking on 'Browse.'

Check out Work Projects Administration as author and Work Projects Administration as subject

Finding Journal Articles

Archives on the Web

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Living New Deal 


National Archives including including FERA write-up 

Guide from Rutgers: Contemporary Social Welfare Policies: The 1930s to Today

Sophisticated Google Searching--quotation marks to phrase search, black & white images for letters

Sophisticated Google Scholar Searching using "search within citing articles" checkbox.  For example, Levine's Documenting America, 1935-1943 which included American Culture and the Great Depression.

Library Workshops: Zotero, Data Analysis and more

Library Databases with Primary Sources