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Mexican Modernism

A guide to library resources for ART 273/LAS 217, Spring 2024.


Getting HELP

The latest library information can be found on the library's website
For the purposes of this class, your best contact will be Rebecca Friedman: . See below her photo on the next tab of this guide to schedule a one-on-one appt. Secondarily, Fernando Acosta-Rodriguez is the librarian for Latin American Studies: . You can make appts. with either of this from this page.

Need help navigating Firestone? Visit the Bookfinders desk on the B Floor M-F, 1-5 pm

For general help beyond this course:
Every undergraduate has a Personal Librarian. Visit this page to find out more.

Use the Library's chat service
Connect instantly to get help from a library staff member.
Contact another subject specialist.