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HIS 436/SAS 436: Working Class Lives on the Indian Subcontinent

Course Description

HIS 436/SAS 436: Working Class Lives on the Indian Subcontinent​, Thursdays 1:30pm - 4:20pm

Prof. Amanda Lanzillo, Fellow in the Society of Fellows and Lecturer in History

Focusing on working class histories on the Indian subcontinent - especially in cities and towns - this course studies the organization of labor from medieval towns to modern megacities. Students will analyze overarching shifts in the structural relationships between classes, as well as the diversity of working class experiences. We will also ask how laborers shaped the evolution of cities and towns across South Asia. Along the way, students will examine the rise of labor rights movements; the relationship between caste and class; the gendering of labor; and processes of urbanization, industrialization, and labor migration.