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Keyboard Music: Guide to Research and Resources: Introduction & Contents

This subject guide is under construction from March 2023-

Selected Surveys

About this Guide

This reference guide points to key resources for solo keyboard music, including piano, organ, and harpsichord. See our general Instrumental Music LibGuide for information about keyboard Chamber Music.

Library of Congress Call Numbers for Keyboard Music

M6-M14 Organ

  • M8 Sonatas
  • M9 Suites
  • M10 Fugues
  • M11 Pieces (separate works)
  • M12 Collections
  • M14 Organ books

M20-M39 Piano

  • M21 Collections with two or more composers
  • M22 One composer
  • M23 Sonatas
  • M24 Suites

M200-M204 Piano, 4 hands

M207-M212 Piano, 4 hands, arranged works

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Sara Hagenbuch
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