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Vietnam War: primary sources

Vietnam War: diplomatic sources

The U.S. Civilian Advisory Effort in Vietnam: U.S. Operations Mission, 1950-1954 Archives Unbound "The United States decision to provide military assistance to France and the Associated States of Indochina was reached informally in February/March 1950, funded by the President on May 1, 1950, and was announced on May 8, 1950. The decision was taken in spite of the U.S. desire to avoid direct involvement in a colonial war, and in spite of a sensing that France’s political-military situation in Indochina was deteriorating. This collection consists of unique records of U.S. agencies established to intervene in Vietnam-the country U.S. foreign policy deemed a lynchpin in the free world’s fight against communism. The Subject Files from the Office of the Director, U.S. Operations Missions, document the myriad concerns and rationales that went into the control and direction of U.S. economic and technical assistance programs, as well as the coordination of mutual security activities, with respect to Vietnam."

History Vault: Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy, 1960-1975
Reproduces many archival collections on the Vietnam War and the U.S. government, including records of the Associated Press and other media, the CIA, the State Department, the EPA, the military, the Kissinger telephone conversation transcripts on world affairs, and national security files from the, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford administrations. Replaces many microfilm collections held by Princeton: RECAP Microfilm 09824, RECAP Microfilm 09653, RECAP Microfilm 05638, RECAP Microfilm 07715. See

  • CIA Research Reports, Vietnam and Southeast Asia, 1946-1976  History Vault
  • CIA Research Reports, Vietnam and Southeast Asia, Supplement History Vault

Confidential U.S. State Department central files. Vietnam, 1960-January 1963 [microform]
Microfilm 11686
24 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms DS559.912 .C663
Originals held by National Archives as part of Record Group 59, General Records of the Dept. of State. See . internal affairs, decimal numbers 751K, 751G, 851K, 851G, 951K, and 951G and foreign affairs, decimal numbers 611.51K, 611.51G, 651K, and 651G. See

Confidential U.S. State Department Special Files, Vietnam Working Group, 1963-1966 History Vault

Vietnam and Southeast Asia [microform]: special studies, 1960-1980
Microfilm 05637
13 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms DS557.7 V538 1982
This collection comprises studies prepared by a variety of government and non-governmental organizations to inform U.S. policy making.

The Johnson Administration and Pacification in Vietnam:
Robert Komer-William Leonhart Files, 1966-1968
History Vault
Duplicates RECAP Microfilm 09824
Consists of material from the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library that documents the American pacification effort in Vietnam. "Topics addressed include agriculture and land reform, the South Vietnamese army, Buddhists and Catholics in Vietnam, defense spending, the Doan Ket National Reconciliation Program, South Vietnamese economic indicators, conditions in the hamlets, Viet Cong infrastructure, intelligence coordination and exploitation, peace negotiations, postwar planning, and psychological warfare."

Ambassador Graham Martin and the Saigon Embassy’s Back Channel Communication Files, 1963-1975 Archives Unbound "Consists of State Department telegrams and White House backchannel messages between U.S. ambassadors in Saigon and White House national security advisers, talking points for meetings with South Vietnamese officials, intelligence reports, drafts of peace agreements, and military status reports. Subjects include the Diem coup, the Paris peace negotiations, the fall of South Vietnam, and other U.S./South Vietnam relations topics, 1963 to 1975. Source Library: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library."

Transcripts and files of the Paris peace talks on Vietnam, 1968-1973 History Vault
Consists of verbatim transcripts of the peace talks.

National Security Council and Vietnam

Vietnam, National Security Council histories History Vault
Consists of classified documents from the White House and the military, organized to present a history of U.S. decision-making about the war in Vietnam. See
. This collection is also known as The War in Vietnam, Classified Histories by the National Security Council.

Intelligence Reports from the National Security Council's Vietnam Information Group, 1967-1975 Archives Unbound
"Primarily Department of State cables and CIA intelligence information cables concerning South and North Vietnam. Topics include the Vietnam War, U.S.-South Vietnam relations, South Vietnam’s political climate, opposition groups, religious sects, ethnic groups, labor unions, corruption, press censorship, the North Vietnam’s military and economy, peace negotiations, and events in Cambodia and Laos."

John F. Kennedy national security files, 1961-1963: Vietnam History Vault Replaces RECAP MICROFILM 08682

Lyndon B. Johnson national security files. Vietnam, 1963-1969 History Vault
This collection comprises documents on U.S. foreign policy and international relations from the Lyndon B. Johnson Library, including correspondence and reports.

Richard M. Nixon national security files, 1969-1974: Vietnam History Vault Replaces RECAP MICROFILM 12017,

Vietnamese perspectives

Documents on the National Liberation Front of South Vietnam [microform]
8 reels
Printed guide: Firestone Microforms DS557.4.P5
"The following set of documents was gathered by Mr. Douglas Pike while he was serving as a foreign service officer with the U.S. Information Agency in Vietnam. They are internal documents of the National Liberation Front and the People’s Revolutionary Party captured by units of the Vietnamese Army"--P. [1] of Inventory. Includes "Inventory of Communist documents, Saigon, Vietnam, December 1966" on 66 leaves at beginning of the first reel. Vietnamese and English. Microfilm of originals in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for International Studies.

Vietnam Documents and Research Notes Series: Translation and Analysis of Significant Viet Cong/North Vietnamese Documents History Vault