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WRI 112/113: The Craft of Authenticity: Background Information

Guide for using the library for research successfully in Julianna Visco's writing seminar.

Reference Books

Encyclopedias, handbooks and companions are great ways to get background information, understand the terms used to describe some topics, and identify sources related to a particular topic. In addition to the online resources listed below, one can also do a Subject (browse) search in the library catalog: e.g. RENAISSANCE ENCYCLOPEDIAS, identifying any topic you can think of. Searching for the word encyclopedia in the Databases search will also point you to many online encyclopedias in different subjects.

Oxford Art Online

Art encyclopedia articles (PU affiliates):

Crawford, A.  Arts and Crafts MovementGrove Art Online. Retrieved 15 Oct. 2021, from .

Buszek, M.  Craft and contemporary art. Grove Art Online. Retrieved 15 Oct. 2021, from  

Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, 2nd ed. (2014)

Shiner, L. (2014). Craft. In Encyclopedia of Aesthetics. : Oxford University Press. Retrieved 18 Oct. 2021, from .


Oxford Bibliographies is another great research tool for starting out, although not all disciplines are represented. Use the search box at the upper right, or browse by subject to see the many sub-topics represented in annotated bibliographies within each subject area. (PU affiliates only)

Specific relevant bibliographies:

Artisans, by James Farr, under Renaissance and Reformation  
(paste the DOI/persistent link into a web browser and make sure you are connected to the PU network to access)

Arts and Crafts Movement, by Maureen Meister, under Architecture Planning and Preservation

Folklore, by Simon J. Bronner, under Anthropology  

Visual Culture, by Sophia Andres, under Victorian Literature  

Guilds, by Joseph P. Byrne, under Medieval Studies  
10.1093/OBO/9780195396584-0252         etc.