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WRI 112/113: The Craft of Authenticity: Welcome!

Guide for using the library for research successfully in Julianna Visco's writing seminar.

Getting HELP

The latest library information can be found on the library's website . Take some time to look at the Undergraduate Students section (including a Checklist for first years). 

Use the Library's chat service Connect instantly via Ask-a-Librarian to get help.

E-MAIL E-mail me directly, rfriedma@ or marquand@, to ask a question or to set up a research appointment via Zoom. Alternatively, contact another subject specialist.
Need help navigating Firestone? Visit the Bookfinders desk on the B Floor M-F, 1-5 pm

Citation tracking/chaining

Web of Science is one way to determine the scholarly conversation around a topic. It, along with Google Scholar, Scopus and other tools index and show references cited by an author and which subsequent citations cite the initial work. Don't let the name fool you: WOS does cover the arts and humanities too.



Two brightly colored craft rugs, Chiapas,Mexico

Craft rugs on display, San Cristobal de  las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, Universal Images Group

Hello. Welcome to the course research guide for WRI 112/113.  This guide should provide basic information to get you started on your research. For further information, please visit the Library Web Page .

-Rebecca Friedman


Working with sources: definitions

citation: a quotation from or reference to a book, journal article, paper, author, website, etc. especially in a scholarly work. Can be found WITHIN a text ( in APA, MLA style, etc.), or at the END of a text (endnotes, bibliography), or at the bottom of specific pages (footnotes). A bibliography consists of citations that point you to relevant books and other sources on a topic.  Citation chaining/mining/following the bread crumbs

bibliography: a list of the books, articles, and other resources referred to in a scholarly work, typically printed as an appendix     
how to tell if a book has a bibliography (“includes bibliographical references” will be noted in catalog record). There are also stand-alone bibliographies (can search for any subject term using subject (browse) in the catalog, and you may see "bibliography" as a sub-heading/category. Encyclopedias/encyclopedia articles also may have bibliography (see BACKGROUND INFO. tab).

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