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SAS 321 The Politics of Pakistan: Weekly Syllabus Links

Guide for Profs. Zia Mian and Christophe Jaffrelot's Fall 2015 course

General ebrary books

Week 1 (7 February)

Week 2 (14 February)

Partition and its Legacy

Week 3 (21 February)

Building a Nation

Week 4 (28 February)

Pakistan at War

For those interested in more detailed analysis of defense and security issues, we subscribe to IHS Jane's Defense & Security Intelligence & Analysis. Try some keyword searches on this site, or refine your search by fine tuning the region and country checkboxes.

Week 5 (7 March)

War and Peace in the Nuclear Age

Week 6 (14 March)

The National and the Local Economy

For additional background the Economist Intelligence Unit provides current and archived monthly Pakistan Country Forecasts from 2009 to the present. As of today (March 7th) the most recent Pakistan Country Forecast is February 2013.

Week 7 (28 March)

Identity, Ethnicity and Conflict

A useful tool for mapping out religious affiliations worldwide is the World Religion Database.  See especially the Country: Pakistan links.

Week 8 (4 April)

Islam, Politics and the State