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Immigration and Labor Information: Literature

Sources for statistics, data and analyses about immigrants in the United States

Princeton University Library Catalog

Several subject headings exist to search in the catalog for works about immigrants. 

  • immigrants -- united states (May be subdivided by names of places where immigrants settle, e.g. immigrants -- New York)
  • children of immigrants
  • immigrant children
  • women immigrants
  • aliens
  • illegal aliens - - united states
  • name of nationality of origin may be subdivided by the place to which they have immigrated, e.g. Mexicans -- California.

Subject headings relating to labor and wages include:

  • income distribution -- united states
  • labor market -- united states
  • labor supply -- united states
  • manpower policy -- united states
  • occupational training -- united states
  • occupational retraining -- united states

Article, etc. Databases


Subject terms include: labor demand, human capital, skills, wage level and structure, wage differentials, labor supply, immigrant workers.  Add keywords for more specific topics.

Proquest Congressional

Indexes Congressional material such as committee publications including hearings, CRS reports, etc.  

CQ.Com (CRS Reports)

Database of Congressional Research Service reports and other congressional and related documents.