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Mathematics Research Guide: Creating Bibliographies

Endnote Tutorials

EndNote logo
Watch these video tutorials to learn how to use the basic and advanced features of the two latest versions of EndNote.
New Features In EndNote X1
EndNote X1 Basics
EndNote X Basics 
EndNote Web Tutorial

RefWorks Tutorials

Watch these video tutorials to learn how to  use the basic and advanced features in Refworks. There is also a tutorial on the new RefShare feature in Refworks, which works great for group projects. Printable handouts are available for each tutorial, just look for the "print version" link.

Chicago Manual of Style Online

Princeton University Library subscribes to the Chicago Manual of Style Online at this URL:

This reference book is normallly tethered to the reference section of the library; now it is fully available online 24/7/365.

Endnote and RefWorks

Managing your bibliographic references with EndNote or RefWorks

Endnote and RefWorks are bibliographic managers which enable you to create a searchable databases, or "libraries," from references you find in online catalogs, indexes, etc. These programs also interact with your Microsoft Word documents to automatically format your references and create a footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies in any citation style you choose.

How do I obtain EndNote or RefWorks?

Princeton supports EndNote and Refworks. Endnote is available for purchase at an educational rate from the Princeton Software Repository (and also on most cluster computers); all Princeton users are eligible to sign up for a refworks account at

Which bibliographic manager is right for me?

There are a few differences between the two programs: Refworks is easier to use than EndNote, and is rendered via the internet (rather than needing to be installed), making it fully "portable." Updates to the program are served to the user automatically, since it is web-based. It is also good for group work since members of the group can have access to the same account/files. Endnote is a well-established and very robust program, and ideal for a dissertation or book- level document. Endnote must be installed on your computer, and updates (and patches) must be obtained from the company. (Here is a detailed comparison.)

Searching Princeton's databases via EndNote and RefWorks:


How can I get started using EndNote or Reforks?

How can I get additional help/training in one of these software packages?

  1. Attend one of the "EndNote and RefWorks Education Series" sessions.
  2. Email