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U.S. Census of Agriculture: 1840 - 1900

This is a research guide that outlines the data available through the Agriculture Census from 1840 onwards.

Digitized Version of Census of Agriculture

Cornell University has digitized the contents of the Census of Agriculture from 1840 to 2002.  IPUMS NHGIS has data from 1840-1950.

Census of Agriculture Publications 1840-1900


Microfilm edition of United States decennial census publications, 1790-1960, Woodbridge, Conn. : Research Publications, 1975]


For accompanying guide see: (Film B) Z7554.U5R47 1975


The 1840 Census

Statistics of the United States of America, as collected and returned by the marshals of the several judicial districts, under the ... act for taking the sixth census; corrected at the Department of State. June 1, 1840. Published by authority of an act of Congress, under the direction of the Secretary of State.United States. Census Office. 6th census, 1840, Washington, Printed by Blair and Rives, 1841.

 A complete descriptive and statistical gazetteer of the United States of America : ... with an abstract of the census and statistics for 1840, exhibiting a complete view of the agricultural, commercial, manufacturing, and literary condition and resources of the country. by Daniel Haskel and J. Calvin Smith, New York : Sherman & Smith, 1848.

The 1850 Census

The Seventh census of the United States, 1850. Volume 1 : embracing a statistical view of each of the states and territories by counties, towns, etc. ... with an introduction ... and an appendix embracing notes upon the tables of each of the States, etc. / J.D.B. De Bow, Superintendent of United States Census, New York, N.Y. : Norman Ross, 1990.
HA201 1850 1990    (DOCSC) Decennial Census, Firestone


The 1860 Census

Agriculture of the United States in 1860: compiled from the original returns of the eighth census, under the direction of the secretary of the interior / by Joseph C.G. Kennedy, superintendent of census. Washington : G.P.O., 1864.


Manuscript Censuses of Population and Agriculture for 1860, 1870, and 1880: Missouri / Mary E. Gregson, Ann Arbor, Mich. : Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 1995.

Statistics of the United States in 1860 : compiled from the original returns of the eighth census, U.S. Census Office, New York] : Arno Press, 1976.

Abstract of the population and statistics of the state of New Jersey, according to the census of 1860 / prepared under the direction of the Superintendent of the Census Department, at Washington, Trenton, N.J. : printed by Phillips and Boswell, 1862.

The 1870 Census

1870 U.S. federal census index [electronic resource], Heritage Quest, c2002. 9 CD-ROMs
Firestone   (DSS) Study no. 2913

A compendium of the ninth census (June 1, 1870) / compiled pursuant to a concurrent resolution of Congress, and under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior by Francis A. Walker, United States. Census Office. 9th census, 1870
HA201 1870 .A3   (DOCSC) Decennial Census. Firestone  

The 1880 Census

Tenth census. June 1, 1880, United States, Census Office, Washington : Govt. print. off., 1883-1888. Vols. 1-22
[v. 1] Statistics of the population.--[v. 2] Manufactures.--[v. 3] Productions of agriculture.--[v. 4] Agencies of transportation,--[v. 5-6] Cotton production in the United States.--[v. 7] Valuation, taxation, and public indebtedness.--[v. 8] The newspaper and periodical press. Alaska: its population, industries, and resources. The seal islands in Alaska. Ship-building industry in the United States.--[v. 9] Forests of North America. Portfolio of 16 maps.--[v. 10] Production, technology, and uses of petroleum and its products. The manufacture of coke. Building stones of the United States, and statistics of the quarry industry for 1880.--[v. 11-12] Mortality and vital statistics. Portfolio of plates and diagrams.--[v. 13] Statistics and technology of the precious metals.--[v. 14] United States mining laws ... and state and territorial ... [and] local mining regulations.--[v. 15] Mining industries of the United States exclusive of the precious metals.--[v. 16-17] Statistics of power and machinery employed in manufactures.--[v. 18-19] Social statistics of cities.--[v. 20] Statistics of wages in manufacturing industries.--[v. 21] Defective, dependent, and delinquent classes of the of the population of the United States.--[v. 22] Power and machinery employed in manufactures.
HA201 1880 .A3q   (DOCSC) Decennial Census, Firestone

The 1890 Census

Report on agriculture by irrigation in the western part of the United States at the eleventh census: 1890. [By] F.H. Newell, special agent, United States. Census Office. 11th census, 1890, Washington, Gov’t Print Off., 1894.

Census reports] Eleventh census: 1890, United States. Census office, Washington : Govt. print. off., 1892-97.
v.1] Population. 2 v.--[v.2] Insane, feebleminded, deaf and dumb, and blind.--[v.3] Crime, pauperism, and benevolence: pt. 1. Analysis. pt. 2. General tables. 2 v.--[v.4] Vital and social statistics: pt. 1. Analysis and rate tables. pt. 2. Vital statistics; cities of 100,000 population and upward. pt. 3-4. Statistics of deaths. 4 v.--[v.5] Agriculture, etc.: Statistics of agriculture. Agriculture by irrigation in the western part of the United States. Statistics of fisheries. 3 v. in 1.--[v.6] Manufacturing industries: pt. 1, Totals for states and industries. pt. 2. Statistics of cities. pt. 3. Selected industries. 3 v.--[v.7] Mineral industries. --[v.8] Population and resources of Alaska.--[v.9] Statistics of churches.--[v.10] Indians taxed and Indians not taxed in the United States (except Alaska).--[v.11] Insurance business: pt.1.Fire, marine and inland insurance. pt.2. Life insurance. 2 v.--[v.12] Real estate mortgages.--[v.13] Farms and homes: Proprietorship and indebtedness.--[v.14] Transportation business: pt. 1. Transportation by land. pt. 2. Transportation by water. 2 v.--[v.15] Wealth, debt and taxation: pt. 1. Public debt. pt. 2. Valuation. 2 v.
Oversize HA201.1890 .A3q  Firestone Vol. 1-15 Lacks vol.8


Compendium of the eleventh census, 1890 / Department of the Interior, Census Office, United States. Census Office, Washington : G.P.O., [1892]-1897. 3 Vols.
Pt. 1. Population; Dwellings and families; Statistics of Alaska -- Pt. 2. Vital and social statistics; Educational and church statistics; Wealth, debt, and taxation; Mineral industries; Insurance; Foreign born population, distribution by country of birth and citizenship; Manufactures -- Pt. 3. Population; Agriculture; Manufactures (totals for states and industries); Fisheries; Transportation; Wealth, debt, and taxation (valuation and taxation); Real estate mortgages; Farms and homes, proprietorship and indebtedness; Indians (taxed and not taxed).
HA201.1890 .A2q     (DOCSC) Decennial Census, Firestone


The 1900 Census

Abstract of the twelfth census of the United States, 1900, United States Census Office, Washington, DC : Gov’t. Printing Office, 1902.
HA201.1900.A32q    (DOCSC)Decennial Census, Firestone