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Dance: A Guide to Research and Resources

This guide serves as a basic starting point to find key resources for studying and researching dance, ballet, choreography, and related subjects at Princeton.

Key Dance Periodicals (Print or Online)

Dance Periodical Databases (Citations & Full Text)

Music Periodical Databases with Significant Dance Coverage

Subject Search Links for Dance & Ballet Periodicals

These prefabricated searches of the Princeton University Library catalog capture select groups of journal titles (including annuals) by subject terms dance or ballet. The default sort is alphabetical by title. After clicking and retrieving the result set, you can further refine the results by the search limits in the left sidebar (date range, language, etc.) as well as re-sort the list by other options. You can also click the back-up button to view the original catalog search and design your own (changing the geographical area, language, etc.).

Note: there is some overlap between the result sets for subject searches on dance or ballet (some cataloging records include both keywords). But a number of journal titles have only one or the other subject descriptor depending upon the focus of the journal.