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WRI 166: JUSTICE AFTER EMPIRE: Searching for Articles

Advice on Types of Articles

Journal articles by experts can be called scholarly, academic, juried, or peer-reviewed. (Peer-reviewed is the most common term.) Those adjectives all mean that an article has been screened in advance of publication by other specialists on the topic. 

Articles in newspapers, news magazines, popular periodicals, and publications of organizations and governments are also extremely important as sources, so do not automatically exclude them from your search results.

Choosing an Article Database

These three databases are multidisciplinary in coverage and will allow you to identify both peer-reviewed and popular articles. Hence, they are good places to start. More focused databases can be found by clicking the relevant subject categories.



Before diving into a specialized subject database, you might want to try a broad interdisciplinary database, like our new Articles+ service.

When You are Off Campus

Most of the Library's electronic resources are available to registered students, faculty, and staff when away from campus, including while abroad. The Library offers two means of remote access, EZproxy and Secure Remote Access (SRA).