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SPI 402b - Advancing Birth Equity in New Jersey

Library Resource Guide for SPI 402b - Spring 2024

Finding Books

Once you have settled on a topic, here are some suggested subject terms* for locating books in the Library Catalog. Pull down the Keyword menu and change to Subject (Browse). For specific places, add a geographic location (i.e., Maternal health services -- New Jersey).

Maternal health services
Women’s health services
Mothers – Mortality
Mothers – United States - Mortality
Women – Health and hygiene
Women – Medical care
Pregnant women
Discrimination in medical care 
Race discrimination -- Health aspects
African American mothers
Unmarried mothers
Reproductive health
Reproductive health services -- Social aspects
Teenage pregnancy
Prenatal care
Rural women – Medical care
Infants - Mortality
Infants – Health and hygiene
Infant health services
Premature infants
Child health services
Community health services
Federal aid to maternal health services
Medically uninsured persons
Maternity leave
Maternity insurance
(Specific groups - see below for examples) -- Medical care
(Specific groups - see below for examples) -- Health and hygiene
African American women
Hispanic American women

*Subject headings provided by the Library of Congress.