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WRI 167/168: Picture This: Starting your Research

Guide to the library for use in this writing seminar.

Books, Articles, Other Content

For Books, to see if we subscribe to a particular Magazine, Journal or Newspaper title in print or online, for Video content, and for Online content we have access to in general, use the LIBRARY CATALOG

In order to locate magazine, journal, newspaper and other content/citations related to a specific topic, you may use Articles+ as a start to locate full-text journal and newspaper articles, and other online content (see search box on this page). However, in many or most cases (or instead), you will want to use a subject database, of which we subscribe to hundreds. One can browse by subject or keyword in the Databases listing.


Encyclopedias & Bibliographies

Search the Databases page for "encyclopedia" to see what online encyclopedias we have access to. Alternatively, do a Subject (browse) in the library catalog to find encyclopedias related to a specific topic: e.g. psychology encyclopedias; civil rights encyclopedias.

Sample subject terms

Do a Subject (browse) in the library catalog. Examples:

IMAGE: browse all of the headings beginning with it, from A-Z
PICTURES (and sub-headings)


Annotated Bibliographies

Oxford Bibliographies is a great source/model for annotated bibliographies (many subjects are represented).

Searching by Subject

Examples for this particular course (not exhaustive):
[NOTE: the dashes that you see within a particular library catalog record under Details, then Subjects indicate the subdivisions or sub-headings--for medium, geography, time period, etc.)--but it’s not necessary to type them when searching by subject, and the catalog allows one to browse additional results using any portion of the subject term. A subject search would typically be done with a Subject (browse) search or Subject (keyword) if one wishes to search for any keywords within the established subject headings]

Since everyone's Unit 3 topic will involve images, one sample search using the Library Catalog would be:

1. choose Advanced Search at top right 
2.  choose Subject, then pictorial on first line, then
3. choose Keyword of your choice (or more than one) and click on blue SEARCH button.

Other suggestions: Subject (browse) search for Image, and see all possibilities that come up (many pages, in alpha order). There's also Picture, Pictures, Photography (and any other word you can think of to denote IMAGE). One can also try a Subject (Keyword) with the word Image, then "edit search" at the top and add a keyword(s) of your choice to cut down on the number of results.